Room Rentals

The Icehouse has many options for rentals to suit your needs. Choose from any of the rooms or rent the entire Icehouse. Rates vary depending on the event size and duration.

Call or email for details:


Cathedral Room

The Cathedral Room is the grande hall of the Icehouse; beautifully dramatic in appearance with 35' high walls on all sides, this open-air space is pure sanctuary for the soul.

Capacity: 300 people


White Column Room

The White Column Room is pure industrial elegance. This all white room has cast in place concrete walls and columns that offer cool refinement for the urban sophisticate.

Capacity: 100 people


Silver Room

The Silver Room is warehouse modern; warm brick, concrete block and a high ceiling with wood rafters make this the space for maximum visual impact.

Capacity: 300 people


Quiet Mind Tea & No Frills Coffee Bar

With its emphasis on tea, this hot and cold (non-alcohol) beverage bar is an inviting space to lounge around and take refuge from stress and chaos in life. Its oh so chill atmosphere is highly conducive to a relaxed head. While sipping on a cup of healthy tea, we invite you to sit with a book, spend quality time with friends, or take a meditative stroll through the serene grounds of the Icehouse.


The Urbane Recycler

A space devoted to highbrow/lowbrow second hand and industrial salvage for creative application; In addition we offer up the coolest wares produced by local artisans. If you have unwanted items that would look great on an wabi sabie table or an Eames shelf unit, please consider donating them to the Urbane Recycler, as all sales benefit the Icehouse cause.


The Icehouse Courtyard

The Icehouse Courtyard is a quaint enclosed area for outside congregation and the only place designated for the occasional smoke.


I.C.E. (Inner City Eden)

I.C.E. (inner city Eden) is an evolving open space and green area; when complete it will be an inspiring urban garden for all to enjoy, with a primary focus of nurturing mental wellness through beauty and nature.